Men Can Squirt Like Women! – Instruction Manual on how to squirt.

Men can squirt like women! I discovered this a few years ago. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering how this is done.

How it works:

This is how it works. It’s kind of like masturbating, but a bit different. The goal is to squirt, not to ejaculate. So this is what you do:

Step 1. Go in a private area.

Step 2. If you are uncircumcised, pull the foreskin all the way down with your left hand, and hold it there.

Step 3. Grab some hand lotion and apply it to your right hand and to the head of your penis.

Step 4. Place your right palm on the head of your penis.

Step 5. Masturbate like you normally would, but only work on the head of your penis.

Note: Do not stroke the lower part of the penis so you don’t accidentally ejaculate like you normally would.

Step 6. Rapidly move your palm (while wrapped around penis head) up and down. Only do this to the head of the penis.

Step 7. Do all the fantasizing you want to help speed up the process.

Step 8. You will feel like you have to pee. This is ok, women have the same impulse. Keep going with it, and don’t worry about the peeing feeling.

Step 9. And squirt! The feeling is awesome. You will squirt a clear liquid like a women’s squirt. Read below on how it should feel.

Note: It is very important to only work the head of the penis. Don’t work the shaft so you don’t accidentally ejaculate the regular way.

How it feels:

1. While rubbing the head of the penis, it will simply feel good being the head is a sensitive area.

2. Once you get closer to squirting, you will feel like you have to pee. This feeling will increase more and more as you get closer to squirting. Don’t worry about it, just keep stimulating the head of the penis.

3. Finally, when about the squirt, you will feel 2 things. You will feel like your peeing and an intense feeling of ecstasy. It will be a huge load that should contain little to no sperm. It should also be clear. This could get messy, so be careful where you squirt. But it will definitely be a huge load, and an intense feeling.

How does it taste?
Not really sure. It doesn’t have a powerful taste or anything. It kind of tastes like the fluid that comes from a woman’s vagina.

Hope this helps!

JULY 2013 UPDATE!!!!

Ok all. As the writer of this blog, I haven’t squirted in years. Why? Who knows. Maybe cause I had a girlfriend I guess. Well, I decided to try it to see if I remembered how to do it and it turns out I couldn’t figure it out. So I waited a few weeks and tried again. I know the first time is the hardest and after that, you will learn how to squirt a lot faster. Here’s how I just squirted after many years of not doing so.

1. Follow the general instructions above as a startup guide.

2. I put spit on my hand and kept re-lubing my hand as I glided it back and forth on my penis. I decided I would try that for a good 15 minutes but after 15 minutes, nothing happened.

3. I then remembered my first squirt. A girl I know was twisting the head of my penis while moving up and down on it. Also (and this is very important), she was putting some extra pressure on the head.

(When I first started waving my hand back and forth on the top head of the penis, the pressure was moderate. When I changed to up and down twists using the palm of my hand, I put more pressure on it so that I felt it more. It didn’t hurt, but it did feel like more friction)

4. Use your hand to jerk the top of your penis while moving it in an up and down AND a twist motion. This way the head is getting both vertical and horizontal treatment.

5. I did find a damn good porno and visualized myself and the girl in the porno so that helped as well.

6. After the intense twist motion (maybe about 8-10 minutes of this), I started feeling like I was going to cum but it was somewhat different than the traditional cum feeling.

7. Finally the intensity of this feeling climaxed to a point where lots of liquid came out of my penis.

Note: I did not feel anything in my balls. Usually I feel something in my balls and my balls become smaller after ejaculating.

The liquid that poured out was a pretty heavy load and I did NOT have to pee at the time. I think if you have to pee, there may be more liquid.

And finally, the liquid was absolutely clear. It did have some white coloring to it but mostly it was clear.

Woot! I thought I had forgotten how to do this, but I picked it back up.

One Final Tip: Keep using all these techniques while you watch some kind of porn. Do it an hour at a time until you figure it out. If you get tired, try again the next day. Once you do figure it out, you will retain the memory on how you did it and so your next attempt will be much faster. Back in the day, I used to do this in 10 minutes or less so I will try it again to see what happens.

Good luck.

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490 Responses to “Men Can Squirt Like Women! – Instruction Manual on how to squirt.”

  1. mark Says:

    it wont work

  2. jedon Says:

    Men can squirt, iknow how to do it

  3. John Lee Says:

    Please someone tell me how long does it take?
    Dont say quickly or long time…
    Please specify in minutes :-/

    • Despuit Says:

      For,me it was 5 hours, and aprox .10 mins. Freaked me out to be honest, esp as that time went by I was officially up for 24 hours after not sleeping in between Friday through Sunday night. I have apparently done this before in lower doses through over stimulation.

      Based on my knowledge of female anatomy the reason females are more likely to experience this is due to the excess internal/external pressure on the U-Sport. Which in turn promotes the skene glands to develop milky lubricant further stimulating the urethral meatus.

      For males we all ready ejaculate through the urethral meatus, so we are accustom to the stimulation. Thus we need more prolonged/intense stimulation to recreate this. So I can agree with the others that prostate stimulation could help promote this though I never tried.

      I am sure if I masturbated for less time this would have all so occurred. Though the reason I had such a intense squirt was that I had previously ejaculated through vaginal penetration three times around 8PM-9PM. Therefore as my testicles swelled up more and more it acted as a catalyst to force enough pressure forward. I shot pure clear fluid approximately three feet upwards, and the test was not that of cum.

  4. ben Says:

    WHOA! im a porn freak. a gay and uncut and always horny. and i came up to this article now. when im 25. im gonna try it for sure

    also karr i couldnt send you an email. it says postmaster failure. where do i contact you and craig too pls?


  5. jayj1989 Says:

    Do it all the time and wow love it can do it by getting analed lol

  6. Purgle Says:

    Video of a guy doing it here, post-orgasm.

  7. John Says:

    Tried it today..I was veey close to squirting, but then something happened and i lost everything..Gonna try it tomorrow. But it sure feels great!!!

  8. Men squirting like women... - Page 3 Says:

    […] I've tried this like..10 times with lube..even with vibrator but nothing makes me squirt. I read the tips from this blog […]

  9. John Lee Says:

    I did it for 45 mins approx. no results.

  10. John Lee Says:

    Hey guys, do you feel any discomfort like you are being tortured or something like that?
    craig, please tell me what to do man…
    I really want to do this at least once in my life

  11. CallMeSe7en Says:

    Holy shit, I thought for the longest time I was a freak. I too often squirt after I fap. I over stimulate and release like all my stress flows away… More men should try it. Euphoria is the bestt.

  12. jason Says:

    I fuck myself in m ass and I started to cum out of m ass

  13. Claire Says:

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  14. sir cums alot Says:

    You could actually do this by getting a cover and rubbing your dick side to side on it. Works very well for me. It just gets the cover dirty. Nothing a washing machine can’t fix.

  15. this guy Says:

    I think I’ve almost squirded a few times, by what I read you get a fealing like you have too pee. I’ve had that dealing a few times getting head, but that was before I read this. I’ve been trying by myself the last week and I can’t get to that point. I hven tryed the rubbing the head with my palm and I just butter on my hand pretty messy but I did notice it was not as thick as it usaly is. Did I come close I really want this to happen I can make my girl squirt and she tells me its way better than a plain old orgasm. She has gotten good enough it takes her about a minut to squirt all over me but I feel left out any advice ???

  16. zach Says:

    I just did it and taught it to my girl
    She loves getting squirted on!

  17. moe Says:

    It really works. Great pleasure.

  18. Dan Says:

    It also requires a lot of self control because the feeling in your head of your dick will make you antsy and want to stop

  19. Dan Says:

    I did it and it was pretty intense and I could do it multiple times it feels way better than ejaculating. And when you do squirt you can still cum after.

  20. Craig Says:

    I love squirting, sometimes in someones bum!

  21. some photography tips Says:

    With luck and proper timing, the images looks as if your footwear are coming off your ft while you rise in to the air.This does not stop us from attempting to place it in-camera too. This method is really simple and could be refrained from anything special or modified.

  22. Sam Says:

    it doesn’t work for me. 😦 can someone help me please??

  23. Donny Says:

    Ok. I think it just happened!! After working my penis head for a while and last night(nothing happened) I tried again tonight. I got my penis head so worked up and after quite a while I manged to cum(normal) just from my head rubbing and oh my word , the amount of semen was incredible, then after reading through some posts here, I noticed alot of guys squirted after cumming normal semen, so i continued to massage my head for while and after sometime was giving up hope but as I sat up I felt an urge to pee but could not control it and my word did it come, luckily I had a towel but that did not do much and i managed to get to the basin and finish up there. The “squirt” had no odour, and this might be gross but i tasted it, just a light salty taste, and a very light tint to the “squirt”. Please can someone tell me if they think that I manged to do it or did I just urinate? I must add, I have an overwhelming “feel good ” feeling right now and partially shaking!

  24. fifa 14 key generator download Says:

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  25. Jack McGee Says:

    For those who are still struggling to squirt, you might want to try rubbing your perineum (particularly the area right beneath your nutsack) while rubbing the penis head. It also helps to massage your pubic bone in order to stimulate the prostate. Massaging the spermatic cords–the tiny ropes leading from your testicles to your groin–also can help.

    Following what others have said, what you squirt is *NOT* urine. Several times I have urinated completely before squirting, and the urine for each time was obviously yellow. My squirt, appearing minutes after urinating, is clear and (very) slightly milky, with a faintly sweet and faintly salty taste. And there’s a lot of it.

    One last thought: squirting like this can be helpful for those trying to abstain from orgasm. Since what is squirted is likely prostatic fluid, squirting relieves you of the overwhelming biological need to cum. It’s also a pretty good preventative measure for blueballs.

  26. online radio Says:

    Tune in to Blushfm for Deep House music.

  27. rahul Says:


  28. Dodd Says:

    Try putting something like a hairbrush into your prostate rapidly to do it in smaller amounts but faster

  29. batty Says:

    I just made my dude squirt for 10 mins.. omg. It was beautiful. . I hada blast and aapparently so did he.. I found it by accident. . But kept going cause it was awesome.. we both enjoyed it!!!

  30. Grayson Says:

    My wife get’s me to do this all the time because it turns her on to no ends. She apples loads of gel or Vaseline to the tip of my bell-end and rubs really hard, leaves it and then repeats it a couple of times until it goes numb then I relax and squirt. When I reach the point of squirting I lose my erection slightly, but it soon comes back. I sometimes get a fuzzy, weird feeling around the inside of my anus, BUT THIS IS NORMAL! Once I have finished (squirting) we have sex as normal. You need to be very relaxed and open minded for this to happen. It doesn’t Smell wee it smells the same as a woman squirts. On a note, this is VERY good for the prostate too.

  31. Anthony M Says:

    My girlfriend just did this to me and I thought I pissed myself. Luckily there was this website or else I would have never heard the end of it.

  32. Joe Says:

    Do you masturbate normally first and cum then rub the head, or do you just rub the head and cum and then squirt?

  33. how to pcc to highest orgasm? - Page 2 - Says:

    […] Men Can Squirt Like Women! – Instruction Manual on how to squirt. | How To Squirt Thank me later. […]

  34. craig Says:

    Just done again 3 times one afyter another,but I will say it is not always easy to do this as if you were to wank normal and cum.

    • My7inchone Says:

      I’ve tried doing it by following how it’s done and I end up jerking myself instead and cum

      • festival42 Says:

        Yes, I am too much into long edging sessions and staying 1/4 second from ejaculation to do this sprinkling.

    • Kevin Says:

      Still havent done it. failed every time. Craig, help me out.

      • festival42 Says:

        I am a very accomplished edger and gooner. I can edge with stroking my entire penis shaft and head for many hours staying within 1/4 second of ejaculation for as long as I want. I tried to massage my head only but was unable to squirt. Any tips or suggestions?

      • steve Says:

        Try putting youre open palm to the head of youre penis, hold the shaft with the other hand, and rub it in a circular motion instead, that always works for me…. or you could try water frome the shower head right on youre head, it might work if you get it right (either near the hole or the flat glans)

    • Edward Says:

      I tried but i just cumed only thing that was diffrent is that my cum was a little bit more watery

    • Jack15 Says:

      Would you mind posting of video of your technique and how you do it?

    • John Says:

      dude, please help me!!
      i tried for 45 minutes, still no results.
      What position do you use?
      Does it hurt/feel extreme? like our hands shake hard…??

      if you can please send me some details about it 😥😥

    • John Lee Says:

      Hey, I tried it, I get closer to that, but then my hands start shaking and i can’t go on…help me out !!!

  35. Bob Squirting Says:

    Guys do Nofap First, you need to reboot. Then you can squirt this way and through prostate massage. Then only do it once every 2 weeks. Trust me it’s worth it.

  36. craig Says:

    What is a reverse kegal,is it some sort of position or what?????

  37. Ashok Says:

    Easy way to squirt is do as follows.
    let the penis be hard.
    Hold yr penis at lower end, let the head be full with blood, you can hold the penis bottom by left hand tight as u like.
    With little water base gel in right hand, with inside palm roll on the head top side.Roll as if you are making a soft ball with dough.
    After some time you will feel tickling , you continue and you can get the feeling some ejaculation of clean liquid. continue this process upto when you are happy and content. better to use our own fresh saliva.

  38. Chgocdh Says:

    It true that it’s possible. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. I discovered it by accident and it is one of the most intense sensations you can experience!

  39. Jo Says:

    It is pee that I (you) squirt. I, use lube and slide my palm or fingers (fingers length ways sliding up) up toward the tip of the head of the penis. I get an intense enjoyment like coming (after a while) from the head and get shudders through my legs at the same time. Then I just squirt a jet of pee. Even it running over my body is nice. Rather strange thought. Then slide fingers palm of hand more and squirt more. The pee in its self is enjoyable through my urethra. It is not continuous peeing, jets of squirting .
    When I want I just cum as usual and more intense as well.
    If you drink plenty of water for a while and pee first you should then squirt more clear odorless pee.
    If you think it is dirty maybe it is not for you.

  40. festival42 Says:

    Trying again for the second night in a row. No luck yet but will not give up for a few more hours.

  41. Glory Says:

    Found an easy way…
    make it erect, just hold ur thing, open shower(must have some pressure), adjust to warm temperature( dun too hot ), then let the shower directly hit on the head, adjust to get the right feeling..
    u will get the feeling like want to pee, try to endure with it and BANG u will quirt…

    there is no need to waste ur energy..

  42. Jason Says:

    I really want to do this!!!! I tried to do it his way and it didn’t work for me

  43. Jason Says:

    I REALLY want to try this. I attempted to do it a couple of times only to find myself cumming but it shot out pretty far which is something I rarely do. I really want to try again, any tips?

  44. Jon Says:

    I found this out while “sampling” some vaseline when I was 14. Havent tried it since…next time I’m home alone for a while

  45. gg Says:

    damn I was just rubbing the head but it din’t work. It still ended up coming

  46. anonyme from Toronto Says:

    hi yes i confirm it is possible give you 20 minutes first time afther you are able to give 15 to 20 shootafther you felle dead make sur you have towell cause it go every where also it is not pee it clear i have made videos for my wife but prefere to keep this for me but try you will se how women like this video or not it will not realy help you you need to fell whend it time to push or make the contraction

  47. Randomsquirter Says:

    just did this by mistake oddly enough i thought i just pissed my self but guess not. i randomly achieved male squirting by master-baiting none stop 3 times in a row i know its an odd thing to do, The 1st time i was trying to prolong it and i got that half cum feeling were you know you came but it was to your satisfaction cause you were switching pages or something ie man pops up on screen. Second time wasn’t really great either so i said fuck it and went for a third. t this point i was very hard and was basically using two fingers to find points of arousal on my dick very slow going but i could feel something a brew and boom squirted and even though it felt good and all i basically just pissed all over myself so i was pissed. now ill probably never really try to do this again it was hard work with a messy result but something new is pretty fucking cool and its a very different feeling than cumming

  48. Shawn Says:

    I still can’t, the head is so sensitive it will go soft again once I touch it, I did follow one of the video but I still ended up cumming normally. Help please.

  49. bananana Says:

    Done it!!
    If you feel hard to squirt, try do “reverse kegel” when rub your head, just google it..
    Did anyone here losing head sensitivity after squirt..?

  50. tbone Says:

    ive tried but I cant do it

  51. Josh Says:

    Can use hand gel instead of hand lotion

  52. Joe Says:

    I need a video to see eexactly how to do it, are there any

  53. Brian Says:

    WOW this actually works I NEVER NEW I could do this!!!

    • festival42 Says:

      Thank you, I’ve never heard of this until this week and failed the other night but am convinced by so many positive comments that it is possible. I WILL SUCCEED!!!

  54. kar Says:

    Hello, Craig, you who didn’t believe at first, what’s your point of view now?

  55. Kevin Says:

    Craig, wht was your sitting/ sleeping position? Where did you do it.
    DId you change the technique anyhow?

  56. kar Says:

    Got a sample of my squirt tested : its a mixture of seminal fluid, glucose and small amount of urine.

  57. Kyle Says:

    Did you rubbed it after you cum ?

  58. Kyle Says:

    How do you do it craig?

    • craig Says:

      Just rubbed the tip of my penis for 1 hour then I got a funny feeling and all this watery stuff just squirted oot everywhere.

      • kar Says:

        Great!!!! Glad u’ve achieved it!! With practice you’ll be able to squirt faster. It takes me minutes now to squirt. Do you feel like having a more relaxed prostate after?

      • festival42 Says:

        This so amazingly exciting news, I tried once but failed due to lack of discipline and touched shaft. I will continue attempting this. Thanks for the encouragement.

  59. My7inchone Says:

    Show me please I would like to experience it

  60. who Says:

    i did it and i only peed

  61. Rolfen Says:

    That’ll usually make you pee.

  62. dandalion Says:

    dis kak leke but let yr girl do it for ya.

  63. dandalion Says:

    dis kak leke. but let yr woman do it for u in a suck mastubation way.

  64. max Says:


  65. lalit Says:

    this works just rotate your head of penis in tap motion
    that is how you open a tap but only the head not the whole penis

  66. body language Says:

    I’m now not certain the place you are getting your information, however great topic. I must spend a while finding out much more or understanding more. Thank you for great information I was on the lookout for this information for my mission.

  67. David Says:

    I tried it and all I got was cum

  68. Piter Says:

    Can someone post video? I’m trying a few months

  69. jayden Says:

    this is all a heap of shit. just sat here for 30 minutes rubbing the head of my cock until it was raw, shit was so sensitive it actually started to hurt after a while. nonetheless i kept going and ended up cumming normally only difference was that its much more difficult and actually hurts because the area is so sensitive, think im gonna stick to masturbating normally

  70. Mindequalsblown Says:

    Oooooohhhh my gosh. After trying and trying and trying, I was FINALLY able to do this. I will never forget the orgasm I just had. Unfreakingbelievable!!!! Imagine 5 orgasms all wrapped up into one, and even THAT doesn’t do it justice, because it feels different and more orgasmic on a ridiculously different level! I’m still shaking! HOLY ORGASM BATMAN! As you can all probably tell through my shellshocked writing, I’m still “High” from what just happened to me. I had no idea the body could feel such a mind-blowing feeling. It was like all the best feelings I could possibly think of were being retained by a dam, and then that dam burst and a cascade of joy happened…


    My body is still getting used to how that just made me feel. UN-FREAKING-REAL. Ok, here’s how I did it:

    First off: YES, I AM CIRCUMCISED, but it would have been a LOT easier if I weren’t. (Damn parents, I’m mad at them, currently attempting to restore my foreskin). Anyways… I had to go several days and allow myself to get the maximum amount of horny. Used the restroom to make sure it wasn’t going to be pee and ensure it was prostate fluid. Then I slipped into my favorite fantasy and only stimulated the top part of my penis (the “helmet” part). I did this by placing the palm of my hand on my penis and rubbing it in circles with plenty of lube on. It helps if you don’t hold it with the other hand. Then I used my fantasy to imagine that a girl was doing that to me. (Those of you that are married, get your wife to do this instead, I can only IMAGINE what it would have felt like if it was a real woman doing this to me)… As the stimulation went on and as I fantasized even more, I had the urge to urinate/squirt. I tried to mentally encourage this squirting feeling as much as possible and did my best to IGNORE and SUPRESS the “normal” orgasm feeling. There is DEFINITELY a difference in feelings between the intense squirting orgasm and the normal orgasm. At first, the normal orgasm feeling is much more intense, but as I continued to ignore the normal orgasm and mentally enhance the squirting one, the squirting one quickly built up to 2-4x what the buildup to a normal orgasm feels like.

    As I continued to supress the normal orgasm stimulation wise and mentally wise, I fantasized about squirting and encouraged my body to squirt. The feeling built up and built up until BOOM. At first I was squirting, and then the normal orgasm joined in. Orgasm of all orgasms.

    Nothing I have ever experienced comes close to what I just experienced. Get your significant other to help you do this, and DO NOT STOP TRYING UNTIL YOU GET IT. IT IS 100% WORTH THE FEELING.

    Jeez. I don’t even know if my thoughts are being written straight. My mind feels like I was just hit by a mac truck from that orgasm.

    I do NOT think this stuff was urine, and even if it was, I entirely don’t give a damn. The feeling alone was worth it and then some.

    Anyways, that’s what worked for me. Best of luck people. DO NOT give up until you get it to work. The key is encouraging your body to squirt both physically and psychologically. Try mentally to get your body to do what it does when you urinate while you’re starting to peak with the squirting feeling, and you should have some success.

  71. kelsey Says:

    This is true to you men that think its its not im a female and i gave my man oral only sucking the head and he squirted!!!!!

  72. kar Says:

    Craig, seminal fluid is produced by the prostate which is different from sperm. Sperm is added to the seminal fluid by the testicles making it be white. I do believe it’s seminal fluid only that comes out when the knob is excited.

    • craig Says:

      I’ve really done 6 timed in 2 hrs all over the bed my mouth wow I love it I can’t stop now,thanks guys . Over 1 year and I’ve really done it,,,now back to do it again.

  73. paul Says:

    • festival42 Says:

      Wow! Yes, I’m convinced and must keep trying. I’ve never seen anything this exciting in years!

    • Narnia Says:

      Hey umm so never did it before umm but kinda skeptical to do it and like idk i need some advice btw no girl to do it for me so how do i do this

  74. Aaron Says:

    I just tried it and it doesn’t work..

  75. Kyle Says:

    What is it Leo?

  76. kar Says:

    Sorry Guys, I live in france, time difference is hard to deal with.

    • craig Says:

      I don’t belive this,I’ve been trying for 1 year it just don’t work,I think if you wank daily it won’t work,I also think age.I still try but nothing.

  77. Kyle Says:

    Nope. He never on. Or atleast I can’t catch him online. What about your Skype, Leo?

  78. Leo Csec Says:

    I hope Kar here was able to solve your problems

  79. pet Says:

    kar i have requested to your skype please except 🙂

  80. kar Says:

    try kcurieux

  81. Kyle Says:

    i cant seem to find you on Skype, Kar.

  82. kar Says:

    As i’ve said previously, for those who wanted more specific advices, I will be glad to share my knowledge. My skype is Kar Curious Thanks for adding.

  83. kar Says:

    I’ve lost my mail add, so i’ll be using the name Karcurious now

  84. KarCurious Says:

    Hi, its Kar, Ive lost my mail password, So if u wanna some advices as i’ve said previously my skype add is Kar Curious

  85. Kyle Says:

    Leo, can you do a video of you doing your technique and successfully squirt please?

    • Leo Csec Says:

      I really thought about this idea before, but in the main time I can’t. I will find the right time and do it for you

  86. Kar Says:

    My skype address is Kar Curious

  87. pet Says:

    any body here ?

  88. Al Says:

    Hello everyone…

    I’m reading this blog for now several months and I’m a little shy. It’s why I don’t wrote before.

    I’m still unsuccessfull in achieving squirting ! But as I read you more and more and reading you describing the feelings help me to hope I will get results soon !


  89. pet Says:

    Thank you Leo 🙂
    i followed your step and its work. i found this page yesterday after read for awhile i tried but i stop after cum and today i read it again and tried again the first time i stop after cum and i thought it doesn’t work for me but i try again after read Leo process.
    i cum and keep rubbing my cock head even it is soft
    and clear water is splash on my stomach my chest like i am pee on my self and still splash out if continue rubbing so i stop because don’t want to make big mess 🙂
    I’m not surprise i can squirt after cum because i always pee after cum LOL. but my goal is Squirt before cum.
    i know man can squirt like a woman because one of my friend always squirt while having sex with his bf and they went to see the doctor if something wrong.

  90. kar Says:

    Craig, Do you have any Skype address? May be I can give you some more tips to achieve it. Moments on this site take to much time for response. Thanks.
    Ps: the chat is not for sexual content sharing but only sharing my experience and talk about how I can help you to solve the problem.

  91. Kyle Says:

    Where did you do the rotation rubbing motion on, Leo?

  92. kayew Says:

    I found out this is very true from my first experience. I was giving oral stimulatling the very sensitive area of the male corona and the head of the penis andit felt like he kept ejaculating. I knew the difference between him actually cumming and what it feels and taste like but this waa very different. He was usually experiences extreme ecstacy but even that was different. He kept climbing and sqirming i thought i was hurting him but he loved it. It dries your mouth out and i couldnt finish i had to stop and brush my teeth by the time i came back he was sleeping like he had been drinking…smh

  93. Kyle Says:

    Leo, did you do the rotation motion really fast? Or did you just massage it?

    • Leo Csec Says:

      I did it fast

      • craig Says:

        After you have cum,how long does it take you to squirt?

      • Leo Csec Says:

        @craig : I came —> got my lubricant and put enough amount of it on my penis and some on my hands —> did the rotation rubbing motion —> squirted.
        this is the only steps I do . I don’t wait till I get my penis erected again I don’t wait until I catch my breath or nothing it’s continuously .
        Good Luck , Craig 😉

      • Kar Says:

        Right Leo, it needs to be continuous. Hope Craig will squirt soon. I manage to squirt at least twice a week. Once you try, you just get addicted to it. One tip: do it in the bathtub or put towels around your bed, sometimes its really like an uncontrollable gush!
        Good luck Craig!!!

      • craig Says:

        Tried again last night,after I had cum I did the rotation motion for like 20 mins and I got a funny feeling like I wanted to pee and guess what I just cum a second time 😦

      • Leo Csec Says:

        @craig I don’t know what are you missing man. you can make a video to show me how are you doing it so I can tell you what are you doing wrong and how to fix it
        P.S. : I’m not gay but I want really to help you because you are fed up from trying to reach squirt and I know this feeling as I went through it before. 😀

      • Leo Csec Says:

        @Kar do you normally masturbate first or you just squirt without cumming first ?

  94. Hector Says:

    I discover the squirt after years of experiment with anal toys, until I finally discover, the best shape is actually, the natural shape of a penis, but with a suction base in order to do it hands-free.
    Finally, after I decided to have pleasure with a realistic dildo, get comfortable in a hotel, with no interruptions at all, i started with some leaks of the clear liquid, but one day, I was so hot, I thought I was going to pee, but no!, I squirt like a fountain, the feeling was amazing, after that day, I couldnt stop, everyday I could, I did it. Actually, I thought that was the only way until I read this, I tried the same day, and I squirt, and the feeling is great too! I had that great spasms also.
    For those guys that cannot do it, I will give you an advice, go to a hotel, put the no-disturb sign in the door, put some relax or tantric music in youtube, turn off the cellphone, relax and explore your body, there are amazing feelings that you are loosing!

  95. Kyle Says:

    Leo, how long does it take you to cum?
    And then how long can you squirt for?

  96. Hector Says:

    Hey guys, this is not the only way a guy can squirt, I usually squirt with a dildo from behind, it is awesome!

  97. name Says:

    You tasted it??

  98. flowertucci Says:

  99. Kyle Says:

    @Leo. Did you masturbate everyday prior to squirting? Or do you masturbate twice a week and then squirt after it?
    @Craig, how long before you started did you drink water? Like for me, I have to pee when masturbating if I drink water.

    • craig Says:

      I drank lots,I’ve yet to see if I can do it again,it mite of been a fluke,I can do it again I will believe it.

    • Leo Csec Says:

      @kyle, the period is now a problem I do it any time and it just happens.
      @Craig, why the hell do you drink water btw ?!

      • craig Says:

        I thought it mite speed up the process,so I’ve just pissed and not squirted then,I’ve tried and tried your way and after I’ve spunked 1st time it takes ages and I just loose interest or I spunk a second time,I think I’m to old for all this really.

    • craig Says:

      Back to the drawing board!!! 😦

      • Leo Csec Says:

        a note for you my well friend : “age doesn’t matter”
        there has to be something wrong in what are you doing so that squirt doesn’t come out. And don’t drink water because this absolutely wrong.
        just : stroke —> ejaculate —> lubricate —> rub the tip in rotation motion —> squirt
        and all of this steps are consecutive no breaks between them
        keep tryin’ friend

      • craig Says:

        I will,ill keep you updated 🙂

      • craig Says:

        Tried did what you said,I got the feeling like I wanted to pee but nothing came out,took me an hour just to get the feeling but no squirt,in the end after an hour and half I just came normally.I don’t think this will ever work for me,I’ve been trying to do this for a year now,I think its time to give up and wank normally like I used to. 😦

      • craig Says:

        I’ve waisted far to much of my time doing this,for me its crap.

      • Leo Csec Says:
        try this so that you tried all the possible techniques 😀

      • craig Says:

        I’ve tried that aswell and with a fleshlight,I have to face facts it just don’t work for me.Some women can’t squirt,my wife couldn’t squirt when I first met her,but after she gave birth to my daughter she then was able to squirt.Last night I really got the pee feeling but nothing but a little pre cum cam out,that was it.I don’t have the time to keep doing this,unless I get my wife to do it for me maybe that is my last option

      • Leo Csec Says:
        ok this a way that your wife can try it with you

  100. Leo Csec Says:

    this is what required 🙂 . You’ve to bear this feeling and keep rubbing until you feel that you want to pee and then the squirt will happen
    P.S : when you feel the “pee feeling” keep rubbing until that you can’t take it anymore.

  101. Leo Csec Says:

    do you mean with this that your penis head becomes so sensitive that you can’t touch it ?!

  102. Kyle Says:

    @Leo: How long did you do the rotation motion before squirting?

  103. Richard Bollinger Says:

    Is there a certain age to it because I am only 12.

  104. Kyle Says:

    Leo, what is this “rotation motion” ? and where would you do it at? the glans? also, did you cum first then start to do the “rotation motion”? or are you doing the rotation motion in order to cum? if this makes sense or not.

    • Leo Csec Says:

      the rotation motion is to put your palm on the penis opening and start to rotate it and this motion I’ve done after I had normally came not in order to .
      p.s : don’t forget to lube 🙂

      • Kyle Says:

        How long did you waited after cumming to rotate your head ? And how did you keep hard your dick hard after cumming ?

      • craig Says:

        Tried last night,after I cum I carried on with the way you said my dick kept going limp and in the end I just ended up spunking a 2nd time,I give up I’m waisting to much time trying to do this bye bye boys.

      • Leo Csec Says:

        @Kyle : I’ve waited for about one min. before starting the rotation motion. And who said that you have to keep your penis hard after cumming ? 🙂

      • Leo Csec Says:

        @Craig : would you please tell me what do you do in detail so I may help you

      • craig Says:

        I mastubated normally,then when I felt I was going to cum I paused then after a few seconds the cum trickled out,then I started to rotate like you say,and I kept going limp and loosing interest,shame us guys can’t get together to show me.

      • Leo Csec Says:

        @Craig : your situation is so weird man. I told what I do in detail but still no luck for you

  105. Leo Csec Says:

    let me tell you what to do in particular :
    1) get your penis erected and start stroking it until u feel u r going to ejaculate so stop stroking for about 30 sec. and then go on like this until the semen comes out after 6 min or something.
    2) get your favorite lubricant and put enough amount on your penis and then wait until it starts to to contract and then start doing this rotation motion on the top of your penis.
    3) If you are doing it right then you will feel a strange feeling that you can’t bear it and after it the feeling of you want to pee and the explosion will happen after that.

    good luck old man 🙂

  106. Leo Csec Says:

    I did it but I had to ejaculate before it… there a way to do it without ejaculating first ??

    • craig Says:

      Have you done it again? When you come the first time,did you use your sperm as lube or did you clean up first the start again?

      • craig Says:

        I tried but once I had come the first time I couldn’t carry on straght away,I had to wait a minute or 2.Do you have to come and just keep going?

      • Leo Csec Says:

        after I came the first time I didn’t clean up. I just added more lube and then I started rubbing the top

      • Leo Csec Says:

        you had any luck ?!

      • craig Says:

        I can’t seem to carry on,I need a break maybe cause I’m older lol,I will try again tonight.Have you been able to do it again or was that just a fluke!

    • craig Says:

      I can’t do its to much to carry on once I’ve came,I need to take abreak 😦

  107. azlan Says:

    here is another one…

  108. azlan Says:

    here i found some…squirt can be done after orgasm

  109. Leo Csec Says:

    Finally I’ve done it guys…but I had to normally masturbate before it

    • craig Says:

      Really exsplain please what happend?

      • Leo Csec Says:

        what happened is I tried to squirt with a new technique I knew then I accidentally ejaculated so I took advantages from this and I started doing a rotation motion with my palm at the top of my penis and after a while I felt a strange feeling and after it the feeling of wanting to pee and “BANG” a clear fluid came out that not pee… was amazing

      • craig Says:

        I try

      • Leo Csec Says:

        good luck 😉

  110. Leo Csec Says:

    yesterday , I tried to do it again with the technique in this video
    I did it for about 8 minutes but I felt that I’m going to normally ejaculate so I stopped and then I found some drops coming out that didn’t look like sperm drops and it looked like water or pee drops….am I going on the right way ?!

    • Kevin Says:

      hmmm, are u sure it was squirt.
      just two drops?
      the Cowpers gland/ Bulbourethral gland secretes clear watery lubricant before semen ejaculation. What u saw might just be it and not squirt.

  111. nuke Says:

    i just read the fuking comment and all i want say 50/50 guys says it worked. and from some of the comment i read its called prostate.

  112. Dei Says:

    You guys should DRINK A LOT OF WATER before start squirting and then, when you feel you have necessity to pee go and try it, i’m sure it will work then!!!!!!!!! Squiters!!!!!

    Comment here after you try it to let me know it have worked 😉

    Good luck !!!

  113. kelvin Says:

    I finally squirted!! I used baby oil and just rubbed the head until I came normally. then about 10 seconds later before i lost my erection i started rubbing again. the extra sensitivity from cumming the 1st time really helps. I started getting that I gotta pee feeling, I let it build up for about 3-5 seconds then started to push as if trying to pee and bam!! I was squirting everywhere. But the feeling of actually squirting honestly wasn’t all that great. All the sensation came from rubbing the head after that not so much. In the end I’d say it’s still worth it

  114. Leo Csec Says:

    why can’t we do it as the others ?? o_O

  115. monopli Says:

    the see through liquid when u squirt but no squirt….. i will try again

  116. monopli Says:

    the see through liquid when u squirt but no squirt

  117. 肉體實驗室 之 男人潮吹 « ATO の 男男之套 Says:

    […] 很久以前在wordpress上有一個網站在講男生潮吹,認為所有男人都可以像女生一樣在興奮時潮吹,噴出大量非精液的透明液體。許多回應說,那只不過是尿吧,但又有不少留言說親身體驗過潮吹,還言之鑿鑿說那不是尿,因為事前已經排尿過,且沒有尿的味道。 […]

  118. John Doe Says:

    This works the first time my penis was contracting with the beat of my heart. Be sure to have a washcloth ready. Also I used baby oil.

  119. Leo Csec Says:

    the failers are increasing 🙂

  120. Sam Says:

    I need help! i tried a lot to squirt but failed every time. I either ejaculated or got my penis injured. 😦 Can any one who has experienced it explain me IN DETAIL? EACH AND EVERY STEP AND HOW EXACTLY TO GO ABOUT? that wud be really helpful..

  121. Geordie Says:

    I just ejaculate as normal what am I doing wrong?

  122. Annoymous Says:

    I almost reached this in my shower. I was having water that runs super for massaging I put it on my penis glans and first it felt good. After a minute or two I felt like I needed to pee and felt like I was peeing. Will it for my GF on her clitoral glans too? And is that reaching organsum?

  123. Kevin Says:

    I’m circumcised, would it still work for me? Cause I’ve tried it a hundred times and every time i end up cumming.

    • craig Says:

      I’ve now noticed since I’ve been trying this spots appearing on my helmet wtf

      • Kevin Says:

        I’ve never head any such problems. Seems like u arent using proper lubricant.

      • craig Says:

        Durex lube,I’ve got white spots what look like zits I’m going back to my old method just wank normally from now on,don’t work for me anyway!!!!!

      • Kar Says:

        Hi craig, I’ve always been successful with the squirting technique but the last time i’ve tried, i’ve ended up cumming. My helmet was so sensible that I wasn’t able to continue. I just wanna say that sometimes even those who are able to squirt cannot achieve the goal of releasing the clear fluid.

    • Kevin Says:

      @Kar: how do you do it? Do u stoke the head up and down, or do you simply rub it like polishing a shoe? And how long does it take for you?

      • craig Says:

        I’m still doing it,I can’t stop I love the feeling just can’t squirt,last night in the bath it nearly happend,just before I cum a clear liquid dribbled out then I come normally.I wank everyday could this be stopping me from squirting????

      • craig Says:

        I’ve noticed today when I tried I didn’t squirt but a diffrent liquid came out it didn’t smell and tasted of nothing it was like clear whitey type liquid,could this be it?????

  124. Roy hartman Says:

    Nice advise!!!! Hopefully not permanant!!!
    I try!!!

  125. Leo Csec Says:

    any sites beside this Japanese ones that show you how to ?

    • craig Says:

      I’ve now spent months trying out every thing it really don’t work for me,the guys what can do this are just luckey.

  126. Jfuvydb Says:

    It is true. I found this on accident and had to try. I am cut but it still worked and felt amazing.
    I just held my dick in my left hand and then rubbed the tip of my dick everywhere! I made sure to rub only the head and basically rubbed it like crazy. I found going pretty lightly worked the best. You will feel like you have to pee but just keep going. I actually cummed normally and then immediately after, I squirted. It was a totally different feeling and had no taste or smell. I made sure to be right before all this so I know it wasn’t pee. I hope this helps anyone!

  127. Leo Csec Says:

    cm’on guyz…..upload a vids of you doing it….perhaps the problem is in the technique

  128. Leo Csec Says:

    do you have to normally masturbate before squirting ?

    • craig Says:

      I think your supposed to just wank yoour helmet

      • craig Says:

        Leo mate I’ve tried everyting it don’t work!!!!

      • Leo Csec Says:

        that’s my condition too…tried lots and lots of different ways and nothing happened

      • craig Says:

        I still try everytime I wank,I’m now hooked on wanking my helmet but I still don’t squirt,I always think its going to happen and it don’t….:((((

      • Dei Says:

        You guys should DRINK A LOT OF WATER before start squirting and then, when you feel you have necessity to pee go and try it, i’m sure it will work then!!!!!!!!! Squiter!!!!!

        Comment here after you try it to let me know it have worked 😉

  129. craig Says:

    Tried and tried it just don’t work I agree with the last few posts its bullshit you just end up cumming no matter what you do.All I can say wanking your bell end is nice.

  130. br!an Says:

    ok now if you actually read the comments someone posted teh japanese word for this shit already. now had you put that into google and looked at the videos, the FIRST one would prove to you that this is legit. So since 90% of you are lazy, here’s the link,

    if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, watch from around 9:10 on. at 9:30 ish you can see it hit the camera, it is clear and non viscous.


  131. matthew Says:

    i loved it and i love swallowing my cum that is coming out my ass

  132. JJack Says:

    I have been doing this for a few years, and the author has actually revealed a secret on how to squirt. I didn’t tell anyone about it because it is a secret. As it is dangerously addictive! And usually ends up with ejaculation. It gives you the same intense feeling of orgasm experienced by girls who can squirt or reach orgasm. I could squirt like Cytherea too. I am glad people think this is bullshit, they are saying this out of envy. Secrets should just be treated as fairy tales 😉

    By the way, I won’t reveal what exactly is the liquid that comes out, you can try drinking it yourself, and it is not what people think. If you know what is the feeling of ultimate sexual orgasm; when you are at it you will dare to drink pee or even taste shit, and you go into sexual fits with your eyes rolling up involuntarily. (Sinful and egoistic) Man are not worth to experience such ultimate bliss of girls.

  133. Leo Csec Says:

    I don’t think it exist because every time I ask you to upload a video you don’t

  134. Jordan Says:

    doesn’t work for me, seems like a bunch of crap. i’ve tried EVERY method that’s listed here but still doesn’t work and I just cum normally. coming from an uncircumcised guy.

  135. How to Make a Man Squirt Like a Woman Says:

    […] I’m not sure how he knows how it tastes, but here’s the link to his website: […]

  136. kyle Says:

    @kar, what technique did you learnt? you mind telling us about it? and the procedure of the method? thank you.

  137. Kyle Says:

    What “technique” that you learnt are you talking about? Would you like to share with us?

  138. jordan Says:

    i just tried it and i stopped because it got to intense to handle

  139. lokesh Says:

    This all is bulshit you will not squirt as you wil only have an orgasm this dick headed moron has wasted my precious sperm as i did not wanted to have an orgasm but when i read this moron’s story i thinked that it might can happen if he is saying so but he is a liar no squirting happened the all i got is an orgasm and i just want to say that this guy is an asshole and i will fuck him.
    fuck you asshole

  140. Kevin Says:

    I’ve tried it at least a thousand times and every time i end up cumming. I did the same u said, just the top portion, with a pillow near my balls and some porn on, yet not successful.
    Please help me!

  141. NAthAN Says:

    Question..Is it supposed to come out in a straight line like piss or like shoot up then fall?

  142. kar Says:

    As you’ve said some women wet, some don’t, I think it’s the same for men. Just too bad, it’s a different kind of pleasure : since i’d learnt that technique, I rub myself and squirt every morning!

    • craig Says:

      I won’t give up,my wife couldn’t squirt until my daughter was born now everytime we have sex she does it.

      • Kar Says:

        Good, share with us if you’ve been able to. I’ve just learned another trick, I’ve bought a prostate massager (helix aneros), It’s said to stimulated the male G-spot. I’ve tried and the squirts are awesome!!!!!

  143. craig Says:

    Its rubbish I really don’t believe it , I think you are all tripping on lsd

  144. craig Says:

    Now I’ve tried everything hands thumbs evan my fleshlight,you guys that can do this are luckey,just have to face facts just like women some can do it and some can’t,what I have found that wanking just your helmet is nice.

  145. RTP Says:

    Easier way to achieve squirting:

    After normal ejaculation, keep jerking off. Don’t stop until you squirt.

  146. Ray Says:

    I ejaculate alot of times it does’t seem to work on me. Do anyone know whats wrong with me?

  147. kristian Says:

    don’t you guys know your sex ed? that “squirt” is what’s called “pre-cum” and is very similar to the natural lubricating juices a woman makes when horny, it is meant to slowly seep out of your dick to keep the tip wet (no friction burn). what you are doing there is constantly telling your nerves you need more of it, and it builds up like water under pressure in a hose. finally, you cannot hold it anymore and you squirt. try doing extended sessions of this an you will squirt so much you are afraid it won’t stop. it is amazing. and yes, this is coming from an 18 year old senior in high school, :3

  148. craig Says:

    I’ve done what you said rub my bell end with my palm after while keeps going floppy then you have to wank normally toget it hard again then I’ve rubbed my bell end with my thumb it feels good but cause it takes so long I loose interest,last night it was like one hour and I still spunked but what I did notice the spunk shoot out at a high speed onto the carpet like a bullet,but still no squirt like yiu guys.

  149. craig Says:

    Please help I keep trying but all I do is cum normally I need help I don’t no if I’m doing something wrong or not,I really want to do this so bad,any more tips would really be appreciated.

    • Kar Says:

      Well, Craig explain to us in detail the steps you employ in order to guide you and may be by ‘trial and error’ you can at the end squirt.

    • Kar Says:

      This is the japanese name for male squirting ‘男の潮吹き’. Type it in google video, remove safe search. May be this can help.

  150. Sammy Says:

    Just stumbled over this blog a couple of days ago and finally found some time to try it out this morning: waauw – it worked! Here’s my account (as I tried to follow some of the tips in the posts above): after having emptied my bladder (peeing normally) I lied down on the floor on my back with my head comfortably on a pillow (as I didn’t dare to do it in the bed after all those warnings against enormous amounts of fluids). I was holding my dick with my left hand, pulling the foreskin back. Using the flat palm of my right hand and an oil based lube, I massaged the tip and upper side of my dickhead. Holding my dick with the left hand was important because most of the time it was only semi erect or hardly erect at all. I fantazised as I usually do when masturbating and felt getting near a climax several times. After some time I had an orgasm and the sticky, white, odorless fluid squirted out of my dick almost in the same amount as an ejaculation of regular semen. It was neither urine or semen, though, but obviously what is referred to as precum, just somewhat watered down and in a much larger quantity than usually Looking down on my dick right after, I noticed that the shaft was flacid whereas the head was swollen to its maximum size. Afterwards I was still horny and kept on masturbating in the regular fashion and sure enough, after five more minutes I ejaculated a rather big portion of ordinary semen. At one point my experience was different from some of the other accounts – I newer felt that I had to pee during the process. But maybee you have to be three days horny with a lot of fluids built up in you in order to get that sensation. Anyway – this was great. I’m definately going to try it again.

  151. jerico Says:

    i have a question, did i squirt? I’ve watched a porn on my cellphone and jerking my cock then something water like squirted. WHAT WAS THAT?

  152. craig Says:

    I’m sorry guys but this is rubbish I now tried at least 20 times just don’t work I think that the ones its happening to are ones that don’t wank everyday and your fluids are building up enableing you to squirt,until it happens to me I don’t belive you.

    • Kar Says:

      Totally not rubbish. I ejaculate twice a day and I can squirt whenever I want in the day. Practice makes perfect! Don’t abandon.

  153. craig Says:

    I’ve now tried sevral times still no luck

  154. craig Says:

    Just tried it and I ended up spunking normally,what am I doing wrong this was my first try so I proberlly need to practice more

  155. Rob Says:

    I need to know if I did something wrong with this because when I did it, I ended up ejaculating. P.S I switched hands so instead of using my right palm on the head of my penis, I switched and used the left palm on the head and my right hand around my penis.

  156. mojex Says:

    can who circumcised do it?

  157. Carlos Says:

    circumsized and can do it…. but first i have a normal orgasm and them my wife sucks the tip ot penis,,,, then hell breaks lose

  158. Kariz Says:

    Very nice

  159. Leo csec Says:

    the best way to show us the technique is to upload videos

  160. Franks a male that like males Says:

    Frank< you like men. Stop lying

  161. br!an Says:

    Ok, to clear up some stuff, the liquid is NOT pee. I’ve taken a piss right after squirting completely clear, and my urine was solid yellow (was poorly hydrated that day) so that’s ruled out.

    A tip for those who can’t quite get it to work, put your palm on the head of your penis, resting your fingers over the end. pivot your hand left and right allowing your fingers to rub the tip of your urethrae and most importantly the half inch or so above it. Don’t tense up, it will make it more difficult.

    Don’t use thick lube, it cuts down on the sensation a bit.

    If you’re cut, well I don’t know if you can do it or not, the uncut penis is far more sensitive, which could be why some people can’t get it to work. good luck, it’s mind blowing.

  162. HELP!! Says:

    I done this by accident the other day. Now everytime i touched my penish head while wanking causes this. How can i stop it?? really don’t want it to happen with my gf.

    I’m uncut btw

  163. ang Says:

    A guy can squirt. I was playing with my bf the other night and got him worked up by putting lots of baby oil on him and started stroking his cock. Then I started fucking his cock with his fake toy Pussy. I just kept using that and fucking him with that until he cumin all tucking over my tits. As soon as he cum I just kept rubbing the head of his cock with the palm of my hand and all of a sudden he fuckin squirted clear fluid all over my tits. I continued to do this for a while as I got him to squirt about 4 more times..most intense fckn thing I ever saw! So have patience my bitches and he will squirt when u least expect it. Oh and careful where he aims cuz its really wet and goes far. Kinky fuckery!!!!!

  164. Kar Says:

    hello, I’m 26. I have what’s called the ‘micropenis’ syndrome. Meaning that my penis is only about 3,5 cm fully erected and invisible when soft since it shrinks and buries in my pubis when soft. It was a hard time during puberty but got used to it. Peeing requires sitting down since it can’t control the stream, unless i pop it out with some stimulation.

    So, normal masturbation is really hard, i had to go on with fingertips. To stimulated my penis to be erected, i used to rub my pubis until the phallus becomes long enough to be visible. this Rubbing sensation sometimes makes me squirt like crazy.

    I have to remove my pants and shirts to avoid the mess. Its uncontrollable. Sometimes, i squirt even when not fully erected also, it goes like a small stream emerging out of my pubis.

    ONE TIP : Insert a prostate stimulator or massage your prostate while rubbing your cock head. The squirt will remain clear but its consistency will be thicker

  165. Jimmy J Daiz Says:

    it wont work wut lotion recomened

  166. Leo csec Says:

    videozzzzzzz guys

  167. David Says:

    Oh and btw im circumsized

  168. David Says:

    Its legit i did what he said and i squirted albeit not as much as he said but hey it worked

  169. cangry Says:

    haha my girl does this to me after a bj or after i cum i squirt 4 times already, be careful where yu point tho

  170. Ugly Butterfly (Chicago's Shitfaced Shaman) Says:

    Hey everyone who feel that the answer to this question is hazy: focus some tunnel vision on me for a minute, I’m about to set the record straight for all o’ y’all.

    Male squirting, as described above, with the absence of any urine, is totally possible and actually quite accessible once one becomes familiarized with the process.

    The fluid, as with females, comes from the Cowper’s Glands.
    Google Cowper’s Glands. Right now. Minimize those tabs.

    Cowper’s fluid, or “Para-urinary” fluid, comes from lubrication vessels adjacent to your bladder, and therefore, production is is similar to the production of urine. Hence, stimulation of the squirt glands is similar to stimulation of urinary functions.

    Even though logically, you could just stimulate this area of the body, and you should be able to force enough pressure to amount, resulting in the need to vent … but It’s all about technique.

    And I am also fairly confident it is heavily influenced by your hardware.

    First things first, I am a legal adult male but I am still a minor for certain technicalities. I was cut (circumcised) in the traditional Abrahamic custom (8 days after birth) at my parents’ consent. I did not realize how complicated this simple act of kinship would become for me.

    My story of growing up cut helps to clarify if circumcised guys can squirt too’ or ‘is it easier for uncircumcised men to squirt’? if you don’t need that clarification, you can skip the next paragraph.

    Puberty was awful. I will skimp on details (as they are not that graphic anyway), but please understand that my circumcision made growing and developing, erections, and even sports and other simple functions, very very uncomfortable. My circumcision resulted in a massive loss of (i wouldn’t say ‘sensitivity’, but rather) the ability to feel a wide range of sensation. It always felt a little incomplete and erections were a particular and somewhat painful feeling of ‘tightness’. So recently I began efforts to regenerate a portion of my foreskin, and even though I do not even have ‘coverage’ yet, the sensitivity and ability to perceive different kinds of touch has gone through the roof.
    As a result, one day I happened to discover the insanity and fulfillment of a male squirting orgasm. There was “clearly” (hah!) no semen or urine present. There was little to no smell to it and I was astonished and temporarily paralyzed by the pleasure. Oh Ecstasy!!

    I hopped online right away to gather as much intel as I could, and came across this very page. After some strenuous research on other websites, and reading the techniques described here, I have had multiple, multiple successes in achieving the male squirting orgasm, and have found some techniques helpful and effective:

    First of all, it just has to be easer for uncircumcised men to do this, as the entire stimulation of the penis should be focused on the glans, or “head” of the penis.

    -Get the glands fully exposed and plump. Pull back any foreskin, put on a cock ring, use a penis pump (like I did the first time :p ) , or use whatever accessories you wish to make your phallus comfortably huge.

    -Cock rings are the contender, and penis pumps are the reigning champ. The Vacuum of the penis pump will get you the biggest, and prepares the male squirting orgasm best, because it shows you exactly which areas of the glans desire stimulation the most.

    -Using a pump and then a cock ring is the optimal combination, like Megaman and Zero, or Sonic and Knuckles (fuck Tails). Just realize that the ring should be removed before too long!

    -Once you are massive, take a gander at your glans.

    -Now use those Google tabs you minimized to see exactly where the Cowper’s glands are, and how to perform external prostate massage. (Internal will really get you revved up, but if you are trying to squirt, only a little internal will really help you out, its mostly the outside rubbing.)

    -Rub your pubis where the lubrication glands are for quite a while, then begin the external prostate stimulation. Keep stimulating your ‘gooch’ where the prostate is, while you lightly rub the glans area and the glans area ONLY on your penis.

    -Take another gander at your glans. This is where a vacuum pump really comes in handy, because the most bulbous and plump areas are the best to be stimulating. If you look very very closely at the utmost tip of the glans, ‘the mouth’ if you will, it looks vaguely similar to a set of female genitalia.

    -Play with the areas that are raised the most, feel the most ‘full’ or engorged, and especially pay attention to the pinnacle of your penis tip.

    -Keep stimulating those glands as well as your prostate!! This makes stimulation to the glans much, much more intense and successful!

    -Keep paying attention to that glans. Rub the pinnacle, a little bit of the frenulum, and especially the broad, flat area on ‘top’ of your glans, from corona to tip.

    -Im sure the best area varies for everyone, but I go absolutely bonkers when stimulating between the ‘mouth’ or pinnacle of my penis tip, and my frenulum. After I use a cock pump, this area has a huge bulge that slightly resembles a clitoris; and the sensation there is unbelievable.

    -Keep lightly and quickly stimulating your favorite areas of the glans and keep paying attention to your para urinary glands and prostate! I find that if I do this effectively, I moan uncontrollably and fidget and squirm with delight. It is almost uncomfortable to keep receiving such sensation, but it is pure joy to journey through it.

    -Sometimes you will swear that it is not going to happen, it has been taking too long, or you just can’t keep going.

    -Keep going.

    -If you are ready to take this journey and you are truly ready to see it through to the end, the reward is fucking magnanimous. I would call the orgasm Monu-fucking-‘mental’, an unparalleled release.

    -And the best part is, you should still be ROCK HARD and ready to squirt again soon or just have a jaw-dropping ‘regular jizz’ orgasm!

    -If you feel adventurous, I would definitely suggest consuming it, as I feel it gets me more aroused than anything I have experienced to date. Even more so than the quarter-million dollar USD supercars on display at the auto show. And those get me horny as a bitch.

    There should be absolutely no pee, and little to no smell. A bitter taste is probably indication of a little urine, but when done properly, one will only explode with lubricating fluid, and it should have a very subtle flavor, if any, and it usually smells musty. Because it is.

    It is essentially pure musk… and pure, unbridled bliss.

    May those of you that deserve to experience this uncover the defining and empowering indulgence that is a male squirting orgasm.


  171. Bob Says:

    Tnx for the help

  172. Brandon Says:

    I first experienced this while getting a blowjob. She just had the head of my penis in her mouth and was sucking on it pretty hard like a sucker i guess. Not taking my shaft in her mouth in the normal in and out motion , just the head. Out of nowhere the intense feeling of needing to pee came but before I could stop her it happened and she kind of went “plaaah” after swallowing it but just kept on going, I thought I pee’d in her mouth. Wondering had happened I was in the shower and like the post says I pulled the skin back with one hand and with the other I used my pointer and middle finger and wrapped them around the head with the tips of the fingers wrapping around underneath the head right to where the vain down the middle goes into the head. With the pointer finger closer to your body, so the backwards way of how you normally hold your penis to masterbate, If you squeeze the head while you move your hand away from you, and I slightly rotate my hand while I squeeze and roll the fingers off of the tip, it feels great right away. For myself, it usually only takes a few strokes and I squirt. I started doing this daily in the shower (which is the easiest for me) because I feared it was pee and figured that if I did it enough until nothing came out that I wouldn’t accidentally pee in my gf’s mouth while she gave me a blowjob. I added it to my cleaning ritual because with soap it gets it slippery and I’m cleaning it thoroughly at the same time. I honestly thought until just a few minutes ago from searching this topic that I was peeing but now I can enjoy it that much more and hopefully I’ve put it into enough detailed words for some of you to experience it.

  173. brandon bennett Says:

    upload a video

  174. Jerome Says:

    Sooo glad i found this page! It just happened to me and i freaked out thinking i peed (even though it didn’t smell anything like pee).
    Now i’m just afraid it will happen during a BJ, i don’t know if my gf would appreciate it.

  175. Steven Says:

    I finally had my first squirt experience a little while ago 🙂 ok so I started rubbing the head of my dick for quite a while.. After a while it felt like my bladder was becoming full … So I kept rubbing and I just couldn’t get to that point . So I pushed a little like I was trying to pee and that weird clear odorless a liquid came out… And it was ALOT! it didn’t really feel that special tho.. But it definitely was not pee and it has no taste .. And I would have to push for it to come out.. But it was fun 🙂 after I ejaculated I went to the toilet to pee and when I did all that came out was the mysterious clear liquid lol.. No per just the weird liquid.. Lol.. I’m guessing prostetic fluid builds up and goes into the bladder and is released with enough stimulation or if u push hard.. But for me I could control it.. It was never uncontrollable.. So if u try this and u feel like ur bladder is becoming abnormally full quickly then start pushing and that clear liquid should come out.. It was quite interesting lol

    • Steven Says:

      Btw I’m cut… So men who are cut can do it 🙂 it just takes a little bit longer than uncut men 🙂 if u have tried and it didn’t work DONT GIVE UP!! It look me 6 tries to finally squirt and it was well worth the wait 🙂

  176. John Says:

    Is this true

  177. Peter Piper Says:

    I had trouble at first (circumcised) but I just did it. Immediately after ejaculation, if you use your palm to massage the head it should work. (had a yellowish tint but no odor.

  178. kaz Says:

    Hey all,

    I am very much anxious to have this matter for dying !! But it is so unfortunate because it could never ever happen to me.
    Well, I found these instructions long weeks ago on web search and tried, though nothing came on me. Just an usual creamy cumshot by accident.

    I heard that men can squirt like a cunt does, occasionally. That is why I really want to squirt smell and color free liquid from my cock.

    I believe that the way I stroked was wrong…is it like you keep stroking faster around the top of head with your palm ?

    Like Chris and Mulholland replied, yeah I really want to squirt !! Stimulating prostate can be pleasurable, but tickling your frenulum also can be amazing !! It takes you long minutes to cum though…a great turn on after you get you off !!

    Give me a greater instruction for this.

    Squirt, squirt, squirt.

  179. Leo csec Says:

    cm’on guys…upload videos

    • malesquirter Says:

      I looked up this topic because it happened to me. I am 23 years old and I’ve been ejaculating SPERM since I was 14. The first few times I SQUIRTED i didn’t know what was happening. I and apparently other men out there can squirt just like women do in the pornos. I promise you its real.

      The first few times it happened to me was when I was having sex with my wife. She holds my erect penis in her hand and rubs the head of my penis on her clitoris until she cums but on this occasion I was having sex with her and pulled out just before i was about to cum inside her. She grabbed my throbbing penis before i could stick it back inside her and started to shake it vigorously on her clit. My penis was so sensitive it was painful and i felt like i needed to pee. I tried to hold it and not pull away from her but the feeling intensified until fluid came out of my penis. This fluid was the consistency of urine and felt like urine coming out, not sperm. Both of us just looked at each other and she asked, “did you pee?” It was embarrassing. I said “No, I don’t know what that was”. this happened a few more times over the course of about three years and I thought it was because I had a weak bladder or something.

      Today I was so horny at work that sex was all i could think about and felt like melting every time i thought of my wife’s warm wet pussy. During lunch I went to the restroom. When i was done peeing i shook the urine off my and penis and just couldn’t resist touching myself. I locked the restroom door and started stroking my penis and tugging my balls over the toilet. I stopped just before I was about to cum telling my self I would save it so that i could impress my wife with a big load when i got home. I noticed that my penis was a little smelly so i waddled over to the sink, set my balls on the rim of the sink and started washing it. As i was washing my penis head it started to get really sensitive but i liked it so i started stroking the head only, to see what would happened if i pushed that sensitive feeling to the limit. I continued to rub the head in all directions, I couldn’t bear the sensitivity anymore and i started to get the feeling i needed to pee even though i had just finished peeing. After some more passionate rubbing some fluid spurted into the sink as if i had peed only for about a second. It had the consistency of urine but it was clear like water. The sensitivity subsided but i wanted more so i started rubbing my penis head again until the sensitivity was unbearable and i had the sensation i needed to pee. Again like the first time the same fluid spurted out of me like urine but it only lasted 1 second. In bewilderment of what just happened i thought to my self “is this squirting”. I continued rubbing my penis head and it happened again the exact same way a for a third time. I tried for a fourth time but the sensitive feeling went away and i could not get it back no matter how hard i rubbed so i finished washing my self and left.

      Before this i hated porn in which women would squirt because i thought it was fake but now i knows it real. Now I’m going to try to make my wife squirt and continue experimenting with myself. I googled “can men squirt like women” and i found this page. I would love to make a video but im afraid that someone will recognize me. Believe me its real and its awesome. I’M A SQUIRTER, YAY!!

  180. men squirt Says:

    Absolutely great feeling!!!

  181. Srilankan playboy Says:

    i am doing this from when i was 16 years old not a new idea for me… but thanks for more detail description

  182. Leo csec Says:

    what is the flat area looking at you ??

  183. Leo csec Says:

    please put a new video that shows the right technique

  184. brillo Says:

    If is it true why can’t find any videos??

  185. Hans Says:

    Thank you how long does it take until you squirt?

  186. James Acosta Says:

    why i cant do that? haist :\
    it takes me almost 20 min. but still i cant feel like peeing or squirting!? 😦
    i rub it my hands & its sensitive & pleasurable but why i cant feel like what you have been saying….. can somebody give me tips 😀

  187. deeksrockman Says:

    shud i rub the above part of the penis or the part below.. wen i rub the part below it feels good.. which part shud i rub..?

  188. MAX Says:

    I read through a lot of the posts but not all of them. so if this has been discussed, sorry. I do this in the shower with the massage setting. let it hit hard on the head and I squirt with in seconds!! as many times as I want.

  189. ub Says:

    chutiye ke pathhe ho tum sab log salo , koi or kaam dham ni hai tum par

  190. George Says:

    when you say rub only the flat area looking at you.. where do you mean exactly?

  191. donnie Says:

    For right-handed men:
    At first, play with your dick a little, to “grow”. When you are stimulated enough, hold tight your dick with your left hand, with only the head above your hand. With your right hand, start rubbing your dick’s head.
    You have to rub only the head.
    Only the flat area, that “looks” towards you! It is very imprortant!
    If you rub the entire head, you will ejaculate.

    After you squirt, try it again immediately. You will come again after a few seconds. And again, and again. And whenever you want, you can still ejaculate.

    After a few hour, you can still squirt. Again and again!


  192. James Says:

    I i only am13cani squrt

  193. oliver Says:

    i did it then it stoped i put my pants and trousers on then it started again so i changed because i cumed my pants is normal?

  194. Kittycat Says:

    Omg I almost had him squirt but made me get off because he felt this feeling that he had to pee I was nervous but yet turned on even more now knowing that I can make my man squirt. So now I have a new goal 😉

  195. Sonny J. Fox Says:

    I did that a couple of times and all that came out was semen.

  196. Jeff Says:

    I’m about to try it. Do I do it when my dick is hard?

  197. nzzzzzzzzzzzz Says:

    Ima chick and I was giving this guy head and he started squirting and I thought it was pee but pee has an odor to it and its yellow.

  198. Cumnostop191 Says:

    My gf started doin this to me and we both loved the feeling (her: rubbing my penis and the liquid. Me: the spouting 🙂

  199. chrissy Says:

    I just did it to my husband and he asked me to stop he had to go pee and i told him thats what he was suppose to feel and a minute later he released a large amount of clear liquid and said that he wants to do it again he loved it

  200. Carlo Says:

    How do u do it it wont work for me

  201. Jonathon Says:

    I did not need the hand lotion It felt
    Like I needed to go pee
    And I got up and started to walk to the bathroom and
    It came out it was see threw easily mistaken by pee

  202. Stephanie Says:

    Hope this works!

  203. Rakesh Says:

    Its is very nice.

  204. Rakesh Says:

    First i thought it wont work the method,but when i tryed its was awesome.

  205. Beckett Says:

    Hi all….I’ve been a squirter for many years, there are vids of this, at….under (male squirter) enjoy!!!

  206. anon Says:

    im cut so im not sure if its as easy, but i just tried, following the exact directions for close to an hour and nothing happened

  207. aaddcited Says:

    Please make video guys.

  208. johnshot Says:

    i use oil.. i did it today.but i could squirt very little…i didnt feel anything much…!

    • Frank Says:

      As soon I have a private time I surely will try it again and hopefully I can accomplish the squirting.

    • mary Says:

      vitamin e is the magic ingredient

      my husband can squirt almost 4-to 6ft

      i have to ride him and his friend for a hour

      they both squirt

      my husband can squirt much better than his friend

  209. johnshot Says:

    a video can help.>!

  210. johnshot Says:

    It kinda pains.. i cant hold it longer..! any long does it take.please tell i am intrested in this stuff.>>!!!

    • Frank Says:

      I know the feeling, i haven’t been able to accomplish it but one of this days I will. I ‘m uncut and followed the instructions specified on how to do it but by the time I know I’m jerking it and have to explode my load off. Keep on try it. I use Vaseline and I love the feeling. You what are you using and are u uncut or cut?

    • Frank Says:

      Me to I’m so interested

  211. FunkMasterFlex447 Says:

    Didn’t work for me. Might be because I was doing it wrong, or perhaps because I’m circumcised. Kind of a shame, I was looking forward to this. Will try again later.

  212. chris Says:

    Dude, I just did this and I’m at a loss of words…..its amazing!!! I just read about it about an hour ago and then I got in the mood and went to go do my normal thing including anal masturbation using a banana( feels amazing by the way) but then I decided to try this and within seconds I have a ton of clear fluid coming out. It was the best feeling ever. And it doesn’t smell or anything. So I decided to give it another try and again….seconds later it happens again.. so I do it again and this time I flip myself upside down so I can squirt in my mouth because someone on here said it didn’t taste like anything . So I tried it…..and I got a nice big load in my mouth. And yet it doesn’t taste like anything. And its a major turn on to squirt in your own mouth. I’m serious try it. But only this way. Normal fun doesn’t taste good. Haha but anyways this felt so good I completely ignored my usual anal stimulation……so to do it…..I took my non dominant hand and held my Dick right under the head just to keep it steady while I did this. I took my dominant hand and with the palm of my hand ( with lube, I use olive oil) I started to swirl it around on top of my Dick head. The lighter the better( for me) but sometimes I had to go faster and a little harder. And sure enough that ( I have to go pee) feeling comes around and you work through it. And then bam!!!! Ecstacy!!!!

  213. CoiseMergulham Says:

    thanks god i found this page.. This happened to me while i was 15 or something and i was really scared cause I thought I had a problem or something.. and I never had the courage to do it again.. I’m now 26 and glad This happens to other man and it’s a normal thing….

  214. aaddcited Says:

    Can somebody make and post a how-to video?

  215. Reece Says:

    What type of hand losion am I supposed to use?

  216. kar Says:

    I’ve never thought i’ll be able to do that!!!! I’ve tried the squat position to avoid mess on my room’s carpet. I started with some lub on the tip of my penis. It’s really like when my girlfriend squirts. The taste is almost the same, that apple pie like taste. And my girlfriend and I talked about it, it’s pretty much the same feeling too, she also feels the need to pee when she’s going to squirt. My legs were vibrating when i feel the urge to gush my squirt!!!!. It was in fact such a huge load, so uncontrollable!!! It ran down my calves and wetted my white flip flops. Since my flip flops were new and pure white, i was able to notice that the liquid was clear without any yellowish tint. I suggest it’s some kind of precum, as i still have the strength to continue on till I really cum.

    So Fantastic, thanks those advice. Next time i’ll do it in the bath tub.

    Would like to hear some more experiences.

  217. mkd Says:


  218. Ohio Says:

    I did it but instead i started to cum.. I felt like i was about to pee but instead cum started to pour out..
    Can anyone help me..

  219. Annoynymous Says:

    I think I have experienced a man “squirting” before. He gets real hard and when I think he is about to cum he squirts this liquid. He thinks he has that pee feeling but he gets a sensation like he ejaculated! Very different between the two, but he enjoys it very much;)

  220. YA Says:


    I’m afraid I don’t agree. While the squirt liquid can have a yellow tinge to the colour, the smell of urine is not there. In my opinion the yellow tinge makes sense since the pathway for the fluid flow is the same whether urine (from the bladder) or prostate fluid, but to me the squirting liquid is simply fluid from the prostate.

    It’s just another kind of orgasm, the same for women who squirt.

  221. Andrew Says:

    It’s definitely pee.

    I used the OP’s method and “squirted” on a piece of white paper and the liquid is yellow. It also smells like urine. If you have watery piss then you might think it’s just water.

    Also, it should be noted that some animal handlers stimulate animals in this fashion in order to force them to urinate. I think by stimulating this area you will piss uncontrollably.

  222. Ha Says:

    It worked for me once and it was cool. Scary a little but felt great. I didn’t know what was happening then I got soft almost instantly. It was something I’m not gonna forget. Also use the stop and go method. When you feel like your gonna jizz stop and wait aprox. 3 min and go again. Repeat this process untill you squirt. It takes me about 10 times. Hope this helps. Peace out

  223. Michael Says:

    ignore this post
    forget to hit notify me of follow-ups…

  224. Michael Says:

    i am cut, i get the most enjoyment when my wife is sucking me, not sure what she is doing but she has found a way to make it happen.

    I use a penis pump from off and on and it does work if you stay it 15 minutes or so daily or a couple of times a day. i over did it for a while and have stretch marks on my penis of a quarter inch length wise and the girth has gone up quite a bit as i need a bigger tube now.

  225. Michael Says:

    if you take a good clean pee before starting it’ll come out mostly clear. the thing with a yellow tint to it is that it doesn’t leave the smell of pee so i’m guessing it’s just remnants of pee maybe. i’ve been doing it for a while now and have also pee’d on my wife and she say’s they are not nearly the same.

  226. john Says:

    awsss!!! it is so hard to squirt T_T

  227. john Says:

    im excited!!!i will do this today for the first time!!!!!

  228. YA Says:


    My first post explains the technique I use………


  229. Frank Says:

    What if I’m not circumsice, how would I do it

  230. cunthole Says:

    I used my fleshlight to do this

  231. yadghy Says:


    I believe it is much easier (or perhaps only possible) for uncircumcised men to squirt. See my earlier comment above.

    I’m uncircumcised so that naturally has kept the head of my dick more moist/sensitive under the foreskin. Normally I put on some porn and use the baby oil on the head of my dick once I’m hard and the foreskin is pulled back, it feels just amazing! When my regular escort girl does it for me with a hand job I can end gasping/moaning and my legs can shake/buckle from the sensations.

    I think it is EXTREMELY hard or impossible for circumcised men to squirt becasue the head of the penis has become less sensitive due to the general rubbing and loss of moisture/foreskin.

    Think about it, an uncircumicised man is how nature intended things to be and for sex to be the most pleasureable. There have even been some studies/research that suggest the moist/softer head of a man’s uncircumcised penis (when erect and the foreskin back) helps lubricate the vagina walls in initial sex penetration.


  232. Fred Says:

    i end up cumming.. advice needed..!

  233. Pranta acharjee Says:

    It doesn’t work

  234. Squirting coach Says:

    Is there video of this anywhere? I’d be really interested in seeing what this is actually like compared to ejaculation.

  235. Montana bushman Says:

    Can a blow job on the dick head make one squirt? And how can i increase my dick length and grith? Pliz help

  236. ac Says:

    I do this but after I ejaculate the head become very sensitive even the shower can make it happen feels amazing

  237. trippy Says:

    guys the easiest way is to go in the shower and point the water in the right angle on ur head and keep it there until u feel a big build up then u squirt

  238. frank Says:

    I want to know if this squirting works only for men that are uncircumcised or does it work also for men that are circumcisied.

  239. elah Ko Says:

    This happens to my boyfriend all the time! All I have to do is stimulate the head with my hand a lot, and tons of clear fluid shoots how way faster then pee. Not to be gross but I have tasted pee, it is NOT pee. It is clear and a ton of it comes out, It soaks through a big thick towel that we have to use for when it shoots out too fast for me to catch it, I estimate about a half cup of fluid like someone else said. Also, he can squirt out this clear liquid a couple of times and then come normally. It looks and tastes like female ejaculate, very specifically bitter. Nothing like pee at all.

    I think this must be rare because a lot of people are saying it doesn’t happen, but it does! We have found videos and forums, but so many people say it isn’t real or that it is urine.. so strange!

  240. AHmen Says:

    How to rub ?can anyone tell me ?why i wont feel any sensitive ?

  241. St. Louis Says:

    Yes, funny. Happened to me and I thought I just wett up the entire bed, one of the best feelings I ever had! Still confused about it tho?

  242. click Says:

    are u sure thats not cum, coz i dont like cum..??

  243. boy Says:

    anyway although it has some benefits it may cause problems if not properly prepared

  244. boy Says:

    all after diagnosing or needing for some treatments

  245. boy Says:

    first the doctor give a test and it has some medical beneficials if done by a doctor but if the doctor distinguish it has no problem.

  246. boy Says:

    and may cause problems and diseases if not properly done

  247. boy Says:

    may be very dangerous

  248. boy Says:

    because of the toy or partner finger bacteria,must use antibacterial soap

  249. boy Says:

    but wikipedia says that prostate massage cause many diseases such as cancer

  250. niks Says:

    I tried it twice I rubbed the head of my dick but I just ejaculated normally, can any body tell me whats wrong ? I want to feel that

  251. Gabriela Negoita Says:

    @boy: prostate massage its not risky. prostate its for men like Gspot its for women. Yes you can squirt quickyer if you massage your prostate. Same as girls squirt by massaging the gspot…TIP for guys: when you get a BJ tell your girl to put a finger inside your ass and massage the prostate, that will give you an explosion 😉

  252. Jay_man Says:

    wow … i does not know wat it was .. i hv experienced it couple of time .. specially if its nice intense Bj … yeah the feel is gud .. Better then ejaculation … 😉

  253. boy Says:

    can anyone tell me if it’s like prostate massage or not and prostate massage can cause some diseases like it risky too?

  254. asdjkbhakjsdghajksghd Says:

    Drink lots of water before hand until your pee is clear, (about 4-5 glasses) (1.5 litres) then do it, I do it in the tub and literally soak myself its so good 😀

  255. Mist Blue Says:

    lirty dirty text we sent, lets script our next fucking event.
    Our goal to fuck in every space, vibrating clothes washer may set the pace.
    Another test we want to see, is it possible to fuck and pee?
    Pissing till her fannys full, or up Mistys ass to wash out a stool?

    On the couch we have a feast, the excitement turns her into a beast,
    I counted orgasims one to five, this aint no movie, it’s hard core porn live.
    Misty says she has to pee, but wants to widdle all over me,
    Off to laundry floor grass matt, I lap it up while lying flat.

    Facing taps she stands in bath, with greasy finger I lube my path,
    Misty leans over, hands on cold & hot, my hard greasy prick ready to hit the spot.
    Just in case i skull another can, it’s pee she wants from her lover man,
    Her ass is oh so fucking tight, not like some bums on FB we sight.
    An inch then two I’m hunting poo, with a cock the length of a womans shoe.
    Misty relaxes and calls me in, but teases me saying i’m unlikely to win.

    My mind starts to wander, we speed up the stroke, all of a sudden she is going for broke.
    Her orgasim is fierce like a raging fire, I know it’s for real Mistys not a liar.
    First a dribble then a flow, from mistys vagina juices go.
    I stop my stroke pull her ass in tight, try to focus with all my might.

    Her legs start to wobble her time is near, close my eyes, nothing to fear.
    Her ass is gripping my cock so firm, as I feel it come she starts to squirm.
    Anus is filled, in a flash, and it’s gushing out making quite a splash.
    A really long piss up her bum was had, but way less capacity than fanny had.

    Hydro ass flush now complete, in the shower she washes my meat.
    Try pissing while fucking, have a go, and if you can let Misty know.

  256. Misty Blue Says:

    My mind starts to wander, we speed up the stroke, all of a sudden she is going for broke.
    Her orgasim is fierce like a raging fire, I know it’s for real Mistys not a liar.
    First a dribble then a flow, from mistys vagina juices go.
    I stop my stroke pull her ass in tight, try to focus with all my might.

    Her legs start to wobble her time is near, close my eyes, nothing to fear.
    Her ass is gripping my cock so firm, as I feel it come she starts to squirm.
    Anus is filled, in a flash, and it’s gushing out making quite a splash.
    A really long piss up her bum was had, but way less capacity than fanny had.

    Hydro ass flush now complete, in the shower she washes my meat.
    Try pissing while fucking, have a go, and if you can let Misty know.

  257. darren Says:

    Avg joe, yes she can.

  258. Sianzz Says:

    Same for me Kevin I confuse that is semen or fluid or not.

  259. Kevin Says:

    Thanks. Try it and it just come up a fluid that is white but doesn’t smell like semen. So, is this semen??

  260. avgjoe Says:

    love this. always thought i was peeing in my gf’s mouth or in her pussy but have always loved it but never knew what it was untill today. my gf loves the face that she cant get pregnant if i squirt

  261. Magnetic Says:

    i knew about this, found out about it a year ago – but i dont seem to understand it, i mean people say its not pee – but after i did it a while back, i noticed next day my sheet was yellow – and i was like what the hell? i did also once tried to taste it, and it was all salty –

    so am i pissing myself here or doing something wrong?
    when i do it, i only concentrate on rubbing the penis head.
    if also seen women do it, where they squirted yellow liquid out

  262. gallo Says:

    didn’t know this was normal found out by accident and didn’t do it because I didn’t know that’s what it was, so happy to know it’s not piss.

  263. squirter 1 Says:

    just adding my event, I just recently added self anal pleasure to my list of practices and with a little help from a prostate massage toy I felt like I would burst. so I put this to the test and placed the toy so I could ride it. It took some work but without touching my cock at all I shot squirt like crazy. I figured that might be the outcum but never imagined it possible. Now my wife wants to make me squirt, It’s about time I get to join her in the squirting fun!! enjoy all!
    p.s. make sure to use plenty of lube!!

  264. aaa Says:

    im glad to see this, happens to every time, i get my forskin down and rub head of my dick with some lotion. Its little wierd and im scared it will happen to me when i will get BJ… hope my GF will understand

  265. Sevenzlove Says:

    I’m so glad I found this!! Me n my bf were well you kno and he said he had a very strong sensation to urinate bt he had jus emptied his bladder and he said it was generalized in the head area of his penis….. I asked him did he hav to pee he said no of course bcuz he jus had…. I being a squirter myself was joking around and sed oh so u cn squirt too….. I told him to release it and with a little hindrance eventually he did!! Thn he sed he felt an extreme rush of pleasure and ecstasy…… So we looked it up and found this!!! Now he feels lik he is not alone and is hooked on squirting again!!! Thanx fr the info!!

  266. custom Says:

    @wiki Just keep going and it should happen. and does anyone know what the fluid is? im kinda curious.

  267. k Says:

    This has been happening to me since I was a kid. I just decided to look it up today. One of my gfs said that I get wet like a girl and it really confused me, but I’ve squirted since I can remember, it’s weird but I think it’s the same with girls too. I’ve only dated acouple girls that squirt and I think what happens to me it just rare. Not all girls that come squirt and I think its the same with guys as well.

  268. wiki Says:

    this is very hard to do, i tried all the instruction above, and when i cum, its not a fluid but it’s a normal cum(semen)..

    i want to experience this ‘squirting’ and i want to know how it feels like..

  269. brettbrehh Says:

    my girlfriend just did this shit to me, IT FELT FUCKING AMAZING! i love that bitch, anyway, we thought it was pee and so we googled it and found this! thank godd cause we both thought id jus peed myself.

  270. Chris Says:

    I tried it 3 times and all I did was ejaculate regular sperm what do I do?

  271. Sire Says:

    Lol you dont have to do all that shit all you need to do is pull down your dick and masturbate it might hurt but i did it in 2 minutes

  272. fth Says:

    it was really extraordinary but it was fantastic, i experienced it 4 years ago, with the shower… after mastrubating when i did to the head my penis… oohhh …. really i dont forget it …

  273. sam Says:

    My wife used to do on me, and I Squirt , it so great that time

  274. john Says:

    this is so true it really work i recomened every man on the planet to try this feels so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  275. Sum1 Says:

    Yes its true…

    I tried it… it was amazing…
    It was a clear fluid….

    and i peed just before starting to make sure what comes out is not pee..

    I did this for almost 45-50 minutes and filled a big mug with the liquid which came out…

    I recommend it …and it is better than traditional male orgasm..

    and it was fun..!!

    You can even taste the liquid…
    it is almost tastless ,, and is not much thin..
    and has no smell too…..


  276. beckett Says:

    Btw…I’m a heterosexual male, so anal intercourse and play is not just for those who are gay, because I love it , and it can add a whole new level of experience to your life. I can understand in a small way why the ladies who indulge, love it , and why they can fuck for a long time and never seem to tire of the ramming or the many, many squirting assgasms that follow.

  277. beckett Says:
    We sure can, but just like a woman squirting during anal sex, that’s how I can squirt, and many times. It’s mind-blowing! check out the vid on the link

  278. aaddicted Says:

    Can somebody post a how to video. I tried it several times but only had a traditional ejaculation.

  279. Rawme Says:

    Yes … It happend with me too … my woman did it for me .. fantastic feelings …

  280. Bob Says:

    Omg. Trust me it’s true!

    I was with a guy the other day and he was jerking me off. I normally do the jerking rather than get jerked because it doesn’t really do much for me, but he was so good.

    I have really tight foreskin so I can’t pull it back when I’m erect without being in pain, but somehow he managed and he kept on going. He was doing everything it says above.

    I thought I needed to pee, so tried holding it back until after I’d ejaculated (because I was close). I did, and then suddenly this clear liquid just shot out like a fountain. I seriously thought I’d p*ssed myself, but I hadn’t.

    I had to look it up online to see if men could squirt like women, and now I’ve discovered they can.

  281. Creatine Says:

    Tell me how to manstrubate? I know how to masturbate, but I’m really curious about this manstrubating?

  282. THOMAS Says:

    am 17 yrs old i and i did it…
    i do it now every week.. feels great

  283. james baxter Says:

    how long does this take

  284. curious Says:

    hi,first said THANKS for all the info posted.
    I am very intrigated for this a long time ago.
    But i tried it several times trying what you coment and finally i finish cumming,but as regular cum.(it keep more time,and glans became very sensitive)

    any advice?also i found a vid on the post ag=

    but it is no very clear (really it seems pee ),i think it could be for the light.

    someone has read the book the videos’s author is selling?

  285. Can men squirt fluid like women? - Page 5 - Forum Says:

    […] Men Can Squirt Like Women! – Instruction Manual on how to squirt. Men Can Squirt Like Women! It's possible. And it kinda makes a bit of sense. Kinda like the argument between a clitoral and vaginal orgasm for women… __________________ EXPLORE MONOGAMY […]

  286. yadghy Says:

    Yes, in all seriousness, this is true.

    I discovered it first with an escort who was giving me a handjob. It freaked her out at first, but now she thinks it’s the coolest (I’m one of her regulars). I am now able to do it to myself with a bit of practice. J&J Baby Oil works best.

    I can also squirt multiple times in a row and still cum normally afterwards once I have had a break. It feels very different, and the head of your dick goes ultra sensitive. I think men who are uncircumcised can do it easier.

    It is strange though, your dick may only go half-hard during the stimulation, but as long as you keep one hand at the base of your dick to have the foreskin properly pulled-back, you should be able to squirt a lot of clear fluid. It feels amazing and very different!

    I encourage all men to try it.


  287. Mulholland Says:

    Ola! Had it twice now. First time, I was laying on my belly (on my bed) with my arms stretched forward, and a cushion between my legs, watching porn. I probably got that horny, that after a while, my body started to shake and tried to keep that feeling because it felt great. Then suddenly I couldnt keep it anymore and got the feeling that I had to pee. I got up, try to stop that feeling, but before I knew, I was peeing/squirting like a water hose. “What the hell was that?!” I couldnt stop it, it was that intense. (WTF just happend here… :S)
    After I was calmed down, I wanted to know if I pissed over my bed. But it didnt look or smell like pee. I never thought about it again.

    A year later, something similar happenend. I heard something about the male G-spot. Stimulating your prostate. I tried it out of curiosaty, and had a kind of an orgasme but different. I had an intense orgasmic feeling and ejaculated, like a “normall” orgasme, but different. Because my dick kept hard after it (orgasme was a really good feeling btw). GREAT, normally I have to take a 10 minute break. So did it again. The second time, it was not that much cum, because I run out (looking at the amount, Yee, I was out).
    But still my dick was rockin’ hard. So after the second time of stimulating the prostate, I stimulated/rubbed (not stroking) my “helmet” and stopped just before “the point of no return” for a few times… and then out of nothing… it happend… that intense feeling again… I couldnt stop it, I squirted again, much less then the first time, but still… kept on going, …and again! Oh my god! Now it was time to stop. I masturbated (normally – stroking) till I came, but nothing was coming out, so was more like an orgasme without cum. And my dick was out.

    And believe you me, the squirt, it wasnt piss.

    So I believe in it. I dont know why. It happend. the facts for myself were there. The second time, was now 4 months ago.
    In the future Im gonna try to find it out how it happend and how it can happen. But for now… Im still a bit confused about it (beside the great feeling afcourse).

    Gl all!

    Ps: this is NO BS!!

  288. Z-man Says:

    Omg i am so glad its not just me! i thought somthing was wrong with me, so i geuss all men can do it. give it a go its no lie, i realy thought id pissed miself…

  289. faisal Says:

    what! men can squirt? this is so fake!!! you just pee in ur fucking room!

  290. sweetday dream Says:

    This is so not a lie. I did this to my ex and my current man and they both had the same responce. The first time it happened I thought he had peed on me and I was pist but he peed right after and he just kept saying “What the hell was that”. It was weird. Both persons had never experienced anything like it. Once I realized it wasn’t pee I felt good about being able to do that. :o) So men try it or have your woman try it. From what I saw it feels great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. Rubbers Says:

    This is totally true i do it quite regular.
    it is a beautiful feeling, also aim for your mouth open wide and complete
    the cycle!! Fucking amazing

  292. Blal Says:

    Hey, I knew that! I’m glad someone else does too! Women always think I’m special, now its just ordinary

  293. Blal Says:

    Hey, I knew that! Glad someone else does too!

  294. James Says:

    Fantastic! I never knew men could squirt.

  295. Dean Says:

    Thats a lie

    • anon Says:

      no its not i do it regularly, and sometimes it happens when i get a bj.

    • Devin Says:

      You can too squirt I just did it

      • Frank Says:

        I don’t like men but I’m just wondering did u get to video tape it of yourself doing it cause I’ve tried doing it and no luck. I’ve followered exactly how it’s been said to do it but no luck I just end up jerking my uncut cock

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